Kiss n Spill

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ImageI was thinking about kissing the other day. Yes, sadly just thinking about it not doing it. Even so just the thought of kissing can bring a sparkle to the eye and a halt to one’s step. Even the sound of the word is just so…so…soft and inviting.

Kiss…Mmmm, doesn’t that sound just perfectly wonderful?

There’s even a site called dedicated to the act of kissing, with complete how-to instructions.All ye lovers of kissing check that out.

I once dated a guy who’s idea of kissing was to latch onto my mouth…AND STAY THERE. That’s it, no tongue, teeth, gentle butterfly kisses, nuzzling. Just lips plastered to lips, not moving. I shall call this one “ kiss of death”.cos i certainly cant breath.

When i use to do the online dating thing. A popular first-date kiss is the one that comes at the end of a getting-to-know-you first date. This is where he sort of leans in to kiss you, backs off (possibly to make sure that your hand isn’t flying in for a face-slap), leans in again, aims for your lips but actually lands sort of on the edge of your cheek. Maybe I should name this one “The Let’s Pretend We’re Twelve Years Old and Super-Awkward Kiss”, or “The Mis-Guided Missile Kiss”. I’m undecided…what do you think? Oya enough of my own experience..

I want to hear about yours. Best kiss you ever got. Worst kiss. Most awkward kiss. Do you have titles for them?? leave ur comments.



First date..First impression

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I’ll be the first to admit I don’t give good first date.

I’m shy by nature, but more than that, I feel like I can’t ever fully relax and be myself on a first date. I’m always trying to stay one step ahead of the game-my inner monologue tends to go something like this…what should I say next, what will he think if I order another glass of wine, he’s not as cute as he was in his photos, dang I really want another glass of wine…

First dates, especially with someone from online dating, are more of an opportunity to feel things out rather than a chance for a real love connection. I’m looking for reassurance that he is who he said he is, that we do have things to talk about outside chat, and that there is some sort of physical attraction. By the time I’ve figured it all out and am ready to let my guard down, the date is over.

I used to make first dates into something larger than they are. I wanted him to like me so badly before I even knew who he was…or if I liked him! I would go shopping before each and every first date-It was ridiculous. I’d get a cute new outfit, sometimes even get my hair professionally blown out, or a manicure. I’d spend hours getting ready for dates that were generally never worth it. I made a resolution to save all the effort for men I knew were worth it-not just who appeared to be on the internet. My sanity, hair and checking account all thank me.

By removing some of the pressure from my first dates, I’ve been able to enjoy them more. Instead of feeling horribly let down after a first date where there was no spark, I come home feeling happy that I put myself out there, and content that I had set no expectations. Or, if the date is really terrible, I politely excuse myself early and go meet my friends across town for a drink and laugh it off. Best case scenario? Our first date was pure magic, and I can’t wait to see him again soon.

If I’m unsure about a guy based on our first date, I give him another chance…second dates are where the fun really starts, anyway.xoxo


 You know how people just like to cover up,when a relationship is done and over with, you never really get to know who broke up with who.

“My guy was away on a business trip for about a month, and we had been video chatting to stay in touch. One night I had my girlfriends over, and after a couple bottles of wine, we decided to Skype him. Our call connected, and I was about to tell him to say hi to my friends when he goes, “hey” I’m sorry to do this over Skype, but I don’t want to put it off any longer. I think we should just be friends.’ I was in total shock, and my friends just sat there with their mouths hanging open. I mumbled okay and got off as quickly as possible—I was dumped in front of all my best friends!”

What would you do if this happens to you?leave ur comments thanks.

look before you leap.

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Am not just about to tell you tales by moonlight,and this is not just any story.i was a witness.

My boyfriend  George just came back from the states,so I went to be with him.While we were having fun at home,i heardImage a knock at the door.It was emeka George’s friend.Emeka is married to Sandra a girl he got pregnant and was made to marry her.People who knew emeka very well said he is a womanizer and a liar and that his capable of waking someone from the dead with his lies.His friends called him “Man around town”because of his dubious act and the way he changed girls.

Emeka: O,boy see as you fresh

George: Baba na God o

Emeka:mehn naija no easy..the street get as e be

George:man na just ur wife n son?

Emeka:fine o,I don tire for that woman.things have been really rough since I married her.i want to divorce her.

George:True? Why?

Emeka:She’s always in the mood to fight,she nags.U won’t believe two days ago,she hit me on my dick and walked out on me just because I wanted to leave the house.i fainted it was chinedu the small boy that lives with me that came to my rescue.

George:ah dats serious o,if she acts like that I think you should divorce her before things get out of hand.

Emeka:yes o,meanwhile there’s this girl oluchi na she dey make my head scatter.she works in a bank na she i wan marry now.

George:Man around town,you no dey fail.take am easy sha with all this girls,you know your still married.

Emeka:make we go see her na,but i wan reach site first.

George:ok,my babe dey around o she go follow us.

hmm,i noticed there’s nobody emeka meets that he doesn’t take to his site where his building a duplex.After we finished from the site,he took us to oluchi’s house.Just before we enter the house,he told us not to talk about his wife or child because he doesn’t want oluchi to know about it.We got into the house,he introduced us to oluchi and said she’s my wife o am meeting her parents soon.We laughed over it like it was a big joke.

Oluchi was in her 30’s,and she looked really desperate for marriage.So I knew the reason why she didn’t bother doing background check on emeka.She was nice though,offered us food and drinks.I liked her and was in support of emeka marrying her and divorcing his wife.

Two days later,emeka visited again.

Emeka:how far guy

George:I dey o..ow ur side?

Emeka:pls I want you to come with me to owerri.

George:what’s. Happening there?

Emeka:you know I’ll be leaving for south Africa next week.i just wan go show myself to her parents.

George:what of your wife?

Emeka:omo that woman wan kill me before my time,am jus 27 I need to enjoy my life.haven’t you noticed I run away from my house any opportunity I get?

George:shey na u wan

Emeka:Shey ur girl still dey around,abeg she go follow us.

George:ok,no worries.

As we journeyed to owerri,emeka kept telling us of all the terrible things his wife had done to him.i couldn’t help but wonder in my mind what kind of woman would be so mean to her husband.but then I said to George codedly  it could be all the lies he has told his wife before they got married  and now she has seen the real him that’s why she’s acting that way.Because emeka can lie for Africa hmm.

When we got to owerri,oluchi was at an eatery waiting for us.Emeka drove there and picked her so she can take us to her house.That’s where my misery began,oluchi said owerri is not where her parents live.Her parents actually lives in umuahia Abia state.I just concluded in my mind, this girl is really desperate,she didn’t tell emeka on time because he might say umuahia is too far and change his mind.

That’s where the real journey began,if you’ve been to the east before you’ll understand what am talking about.The road is so messed up,I complained all through the journey.All that was in my mind at that point was who sent you to go on this journey,I had regrets but it was too late.

We got to umuahia 8:45pm.Oluchi took us to her house,while we were settling in she went to call her mum and uncles that’s when I knew her dad was late.

As usual,emeka brought out his drinks and told them why he has come.oluchi’s mother asked him why he didn’t come with his parents,he said he’ll be traveling to south Africa next week. When he returns he’ll come do proper introduction that he just wants them to know his interested in their daughter.

After the whole introduction thing,we set out to get a hotel where we would crash.As we got to the hotel, just at the reception, i noticed emeka’s phone was ringing but he didn’t want to take the call.i haven’t even finished gossiping in my mind,emeka just said am going to use the gents.hmm I just knew his wife was calling,but I didn’t quite understand why oluchi couldn’t see all this signs.I guess she was carried away by the whole marriage thing.

We got settled in our room,I couldn’t just wait to sleep cos I was really tired.A call came through to George’s phone it was emeka’s wife sandra,”ghen ghen” trouble.George told me to take the call so I did.

Sandra:good evening,,ur Georges gf right?

I said yes

Sandra:is George there?

I said no

Sandra:did he go out with emeka?

I said yes but they should be back soon

Sandra:are you sure?

I said yes what reason do I have to lie

Sandra:ok thanks

She dropped the call,she talked to me with this rude voice like am her husband.I told George now I see why emeka wants to divorce her.i didn’t feel bad for her because of the things I’ve heard about her and the way she talked to me, just confirmed the whole thing.

It was morning already,didn’t even get enough sleep.we got on the road and went back to our base.

Two days later,george got a call from oluchi. She was crying profusely.she collapsed and was hospitalized when she found out emeka was married with a child after the umuahia trip.she told George that emeka collected one million naira from her to invest in his house.And now emeka is in Lagos leaving for south Africa tomorrow.she was heartbroken and devastated,only if she took time to study emeka but she was too desperate to get married so she fell for him.One would think that as emeka’s wife found out he proposed to another girl he would divorce her. But he begged with his life and gave his wife the papers to the duplex he was building and car, even gave her his  ATM cards and cheque book so she won’t leave him.

Just imagine if you were in oluchi’s shoes?How would you go back and tell your poor widowed mother?your friends that have seen you wear the engagement ring?.Truth is no guy would leave his family because of you except you intend to use voodoo. Don’t just read this story,share with your friends so they know trying to hook up with someone just because your scared time is not on your side could leave an everlasting scar in your careful of the choices you make and make the right decision xoxo.

Five ways to win your Ex back.

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ImageFirst of all go down low..heheheheheheheehe  just kidding. I’ve heard people say “I still love him I want him back” “oh she’s my world but I don’t know what to do” honey cry no more and worry no more. All you need do is follow these steps.

Firstly ,determine why you want to win your ex back .was cheating involved? Did your ex really love you? is it the right thing to do? these are questions you should ask yourself before trying to win your ex back.

Secondly ,Leave your ex alone. Even if your drunk avoid texting or calling .I know it’s difficult to fight the urge to contact your  ex but doing so would make you look needy. Begging and pleading with your ex to come back will actually make it less likely to happen.

Thirdly, regain your self morale. It is important to stay true to yourself. Try something new like a new hairstyle or a new dress code. but please have it in mind that you are not doing it for your ex to love you again, the essence is to remind yourself of your self worth.

Fourthly, don’t try to make your ex jealous. Instead of pretending to be on dates with other people or letting them know when you have a date ,Make your ex wonder what your doing. It’s a two way thing jealousy could make your ex come back or could also be the wake up call to move on for good.

And finally ignore your ex as much as possible. You must have it in mind that you are not to contact your ex at all. he or she would not be able to wonder about you if communication continues. When your ex gets in touch with you ,it is good to keep things short and formal. Over time your ex will probably realise what they lost.If your relationship is worth salvaging ,they will realise it.Never lower your standard if your ex made a mistake let him or her make amends.

If things don’t work out after trying these out then it’s not meant to be.My opinion relationships should not be forced like the saying there are many fishes in the river shoot one and forge ahead.


My opinion

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So for some reason,most people feel they are very important and the world revolves around them.Well i have got news for such people, until you are made for life and you can feed people at the break of every dawn don’t feel cool with yourself.People hear of karma everyday and yet still fall victims i wonder why..The fact that you are privileged to be ahead of people doesn’t give you the right to treat people like trash.Always remember ”WHO NO GET TODAY,GO GET TOMORROW” and “WHO CHOP BELLE FULL GO STILL HUNGRY”

Treat everyone with politeness ,even those who are rude to you..not because they are not nice,but because you are nice.Nobody is aware of the next minute,be careful whose toes you step upon…xoxo

Why i hate been a gurl :(

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Ah there’s no other reason o,m sure d first thing that’ll come to every gurl’s mind is period #:-s n it doesn’t end there period cramps complicate d whole thing.Sometimes i just sit and i get mood swings n pple around ask wat d problem is n i dnt even v a reason y m in such a sad mood.This one happens to me every day 🙂 picking out an outfit to wear for d day n styling my hair after shower is a difficult task i must say.If u must v sex u v to make sure sumfin doesn’t show up after nine months because carrying d baby is sure not going to be easy.

Been called a bitch for no reason is annoying 😦 Image.One has to be careful not to get raped cos no1 would believe ur story..Having dumb guys ask u out and fancying guys that don’t even v a clue u exist is heartbreaking ..The biggest fear is not knowing who d right person is to love n getting dumped by someone ur madly in love wif.Been a gurl is complicated buh its fun sha…..xoxo